FactoryTalk View ME and PanelView Plus Programming

Course Purpose

This course is a skill-building course that provides you with the skills necessary to develop FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition (ME) applications that run onthe next-generation PanelView™ Plus terminals.

This course provides opportunities to work with both the software and hardware.During class, you will gain the hands-on skills required to prepare a PanelViewPlus terminal for operation. You will also work with FactoryTalk View MEsoftware and RSLinx® Enterprise software and will practice downloadingFactoryTalk View ME applications to a PanelView Plus terminal.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who need to create FactoryTalk ME applications for use on a PanelView Plus terminal should attend this course. The software skills gained in this course can also be applied to FactoryTalk ME applications that run directly on a Windows® computer or on a PanelView Plus CE industrial computer.


To successfully complete this course, experience operating a personal computer within a Microsoft® Windows 2000® or Windows XP® environment is required.


Day 1
  • Configuring a PanelView Plus Terminal
  • Creating and Customizing aFactory Talk View ME Application
  • Configuring RSLinx Enterprise Communications
  • Configuring Factory Talk Security
  • Creating and Modifying Tags
Day 2
  • Adding and Configuring Graphic Displays
  • Configuring Display Security
  • Creating and Manipulating Graphic Objects
  • Creating and Configuring Interactive Controls
Day 3
  • Configuring Basic Animation for FactoryTalk View ME Objects
  • Creating and Configuring Alarms
  • Creating Macros and Global Connections
  • Creating and Managing FactoryTalk View ME Runtime Files
Day 4
  • Configuring Recipes
  • Configuring Language Switching
  • Creating Data Logs and Trends
  • Creating Tag Placeholders and Parameter Files
  • Creating and Configuring Information Messages
  • Inserting Faceplates
  • Troubleshooting Job Aid

    • Additional Information:

      Class begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. Times are approximate. Due to COVID-19, the classes may be held at an offsite location near the branch listed on the schedule. Exact times and the location of the class will be sent in your confirmation email from Kendall Electric.

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